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Nov 17, 2017 | | Idahofalls Idaho, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

My hope is that I will not require your services in the future , but if I do I'll be back ! 😀 That little touch of pragmatism & professionalism goes a long way , Thanks again , Curt .

Nov 16, 2017 | | Idaho Falls, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Mr. Cutler and his staff are amazing. They made this whole process bearable. Excellent outcome. Better than I ever imagined. This review is from a person who hired

Jun 21, 2017 | | Idaho Falls, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I was arrested for a DUI and John explained the process and pursued every avenue to challenge the case. Following his counsel I received a short probation and a withheld sentence. It was the best outcome possible. Thanks John.

Jun 18, 2017 | | Idaho Falls, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Following my arrest with a DUI charge I did research to find the best attorney I could. This being my first arrest of any kind and potential blemish on my record I was very nervous for some time. I needed someone with solid expertise who would walk me through the process, not be pushy or make me feel like he was rushing me. This was also my first experience using an attorney and I wanted to focus on the case and not my anxiety. John met all of my needs and more and overall experience was as excellent as possible. His expertise and guidance were very needed, and his bedside manner is calming. John's constant communication was very welcome. John's staff were also very pleasant to interact with and were very helpful. That made a huge difference as well. Due to mistakes in my arrest process John was able to get my charge reduced. The prosecuting attorney even told me that "your lawyer really earned his money" at my final hearing. All of the other reviews on this page are spot on.

May 22, 2017 | | Issaquah, WA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

With respect to the practice of law, Mr. Cutler approached the events analytically, in this case it was starting with viewing the recorded arrest footage. In doing so and finding questionable cause, the case went no further. This process took five months which were very anxious times. During this period he was always easy to get a hold of, returned calls promptly, took the time to explain the process, and provided sound, educated advice with respect to settlement issues. His interaction with his peers in the field was professional and respectful too. Bridge building will always advance you further in life than bridge burning. Over and above that, he scrambled right before Christmas break (literally Friday, December 23), when staffing was thinning out with everyone trying to shut down for Christmas, and got bail reduced, processed, and returned my son home to his family for the holidays (did I mention the snow storm that was setting in also?). With everything going against us, John was a Godsend. Crazy times!!! For no additional charge, John also stepped in and provided counsel on the practice of life. It TRULY takes a village to raise and guide the next generation. It meant so much to me to see him step in not just as his legal counselor, but as a life counselor. He has a sense of humor which was always appreciated. When situations are tense, laughter is a very effective stress reliever. My first recommendation would be to always make good choices. My second would be to hire John Cutler if "life" happens to you.

May 16, 2017 | | Rigby, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

John Culter was the best decision I have made pertaining to my DUI case. The result where awesome, and he was worth every penny. I recommend him to anyone who needs help

Apr 25, 2017 | | Issaquah, WA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

John was worth every penny! Very professional and personable, as well as knowledgable for my criminal defense case. Was able to get my case dropped completely and my life back in my hands again. I will be forever thankful for his services, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I felt very comfortable with him as my attorney. He was always prompt to respond to any questions I had and very clear and articulate with his responses. Was easy to tell he knows what he is doing. I was definitely in a tight spot when I needed John, and he came through above and beyond. I am sure you will be confident in your decision if you choose John Cutler as your attorney.

Dec 7, 2016 | | Ammon, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

John was an outstanding attorney. Sitting in jail for my third DUI and John managed to get me out early drop it down to a misdemeanor if I completed drug court program been doing great on the program. All possible with John in my corner. Wonderful to work with and looks at every angle possible to get you the best results and if I ever get in trouble again you bet I'll be calling John

Nov 29, 2016 | | Idaho Falls, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Mr. Cutler handled our son's marijuana possession charges with the utmost professionalism and expediency. He made what was a very stressful and emotional situation as simple as it could be. Ultimately the case was dismissed which was the outcome we hoped for. I highly recommend Mr. Cutler.

Nov 14, 2016 | | Idaho Falls, ID
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Mr. Cutler was on top of things from the moment I first spoke with him on the phone to when he called to let me know my charges had been dismissed. I never found myself wondering the status of my case as he was always updating me by mail and phone. Definitely give him a call!