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Fighting a DUI, Traffic Ticket, or Other Criminal Charge?

Attorney John E. Cutler has been defending clients in east Idaho against criminal charges for over 30 years. Once a deputy prosecutor, Attorney Cutler uses his in-depth knowledge of the court system to identify weak spots in a prosecutor’s case. He can help you fight charges in court or negotiate a favorable plea deal. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need a strong defense strategy. Cutler Law Office, P.A. is here to help you build one.

What to Know About Out-of-State Tickets

If you’ve heard that you can just ignore a ticket from another state, you’ve been lied to. Most states share ticket data, and your refusal to pay an out-of-state ticket can result in a suspended license. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t fight the charges. You’ll have to do so in the county it was issued in, and you’ll need a local lawyer, like Attorney John E. Cutler, to help with your case. Even an out-of-state ticket can cost you license points or insurance increases, so don’t assume you can just pay, then walk away and everything will be fine.

Make sure you’re fully prepared for the administrative procedures that surround tickets and arrests. If you skip a court appearance in another state, you may end up with a warrant out for your arrest. Luckily, you may be able to have a lawyer appear on your behalf if you’ve only been accused of a misdemeanor. No matter the circumstances, make sure you talk to a qualified Idaho attorney to understand your next steps if you’re facing charges.

We Can Help with DUIs, Traffic Tickets, Federal Charges, and More

Our team at Cutler Law Office, P.A. is well-trained to assist with a variety of criminal charges. Ask us for help if you’ve been charged with any of the following offenses.

DUI Training
Attorney John E. Cutler is a member of the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD) and is trained not only in administering field sobriety tests, but also to teach those hoping to learn. He knows how things are supposed to work—and if your arresting officer made any procedural errors, he can find them. We’ve helped clients negotiate decreased penalties and keep CDLs after DUI arrests, and we are here to help you too.

Traffic Violations
One of the best things about living in Idaho is the prevalence of open roads. But, with snow and ice hazards and wild animals all around, driving can be dangerous, and one mistake can result in a serious charge. We defend against:

  • Reckless or distracted driving
  • Hit and run charges
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • Driving without a license or proper registration

If you’ve received a traffic ticket, a criminal defense attorney can help you fight the charges. We may be able to help you avoid extra points on your license or big insurance rate hikes after a traffic ticket.

Federal Crimes
Many locals and tourists alike come here to explore the outdoors on snowmobiles, ATVs, or by other methods. What they may not know is that land use is heavily regulated in nearby national parks like Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Any crime committed on federal land can result in pricey federal tickets. If you were caught unawares by these laws, Cutler Law Office, P.A. can help evaluate your federal case and provide the guidance you need.

Other Practice Areas

Do you have another concern? We may be able to help. Here are our additional practice areas:

The Criminal Defense You Need in Island Park

From our humble beginning in Idaho Falls, Cutler Law Office, P.A. has grown to serve clients throughout east Idaho. Don’t despair if you’re facing criminal charges. A strong, experienced defense attorney can help you fight back. Attorney John E. Cutler is here to help you improve your outcome after criminal charges.

Contact us online or call (208) 209-5363 if you need a criminal defense attorney in Island Park.

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