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If you’re facing a criminal charge, you have a lot to lose. Your reputation is at stake, as is your clean record. Attorney John E. Cutler has been representing clients in criminal court for 25 years. His deep knowledge of Idaho state courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals can help you prepare for your upcoming trial.

We Protect Your Rights

Our team at Cutler Law Office, P.A. protects your constitutional rights as you prepare to fight criminal charges. Though our law enforcement officers do a lot to keep our communities safe, sometimes they make mistakes or refer cases to prosecutors who want to prove themselves by winning convictions with tough sentences. Everyone in our criminal justice system needs an advocate to defend their rights. We can provide insight into your case and advice to help you receive the most favorable outcome possible.

We Help with These Common Charges

If you’ve been charged with driving or boating while under the influence, you may face strict consequences. You need an experienced lawyer to help you out—and Attorney John E. Cutler can do just that. You won’t find many Idaho attorneys who are members of the National College of DUI defense (NCDD), but Attorney Cutler stays up to date with the help of their resources and educational offerings. He’s certified in administering the sobriety tests that police give when they pull you over, and his analysis may be able to catch flaws in the officer’s reporting. Don’t just accept that you’ll be convicted if your BAC was over .08 when you were pulled over. Consult with a DUI attorney before you make any other moves.

Traffic Citation
Whether you’re hit with a simple failure to yield at a stop sign or a hefty speeding charge, getting a traffic ticket is never fun. They’re also very difficult to dispute on your own. Rather than just pay the fine and accrue points on your license (not to mention a criminal record), speak to someone who knows the court system. You may be able to negotiate a more favorable outcome.

Call now for help with your DUI or other traffic citation: (208) 209-5363.

Other Practice Areas

Assault & Battery
Assault and battery accusations can be a misdemeanor or felony, meaning you could end up spending years in prison if you’re convicted. That’s the case even if you were acting in self-defense, or lost control for just a moment. Our attorney can review your case and help you plan a strategy—whether you want to negotiate a plea bargain or fight the charges in a trial.

Drug Crimes
Marijuana may be legal in some parts of the US, but it’s not in Idaho or on federal land. Possession of small amounts may land you with a misdemeanor, even if you’re just passing through. Possession of other drugs (opioids, LSD, medications that weren’t prescribed to you) can lead to a felony. If you’ve been arrested for possession, you need to start building your case quickly, so don’t wait to call an experienced lawyer.

Domestic Battery
Judges and juries often hold anyone accused of domestic battery in high contempt. In these cases, you need an experienced and dedicated lawyer to fight for you. Depending on who was allegedly involved in a domestic battery incident, you may end up with 6 months of jail time or 10 years in prison.

Federal Crimes
You may get tried in a federal court rather than a state court for serious crimes that break both US and Idaho law—or for any crimes committed on federal land, such as national parks or recreation areas. Our criminal defense attorney is licensed to represent you in a federal trial or appeal no matter the charges.

If you’re up against theft charges, it’s important to mount a strong defense. Having a conviction on your record can hurt your reputation and credibility for years to come. Petty theft, which covers most property worth $1,000 or less, can still result in a misdemeanor and up to a year of imprisonment. If you’re brought up on grand theft charges, you may face felony punishments including up to 20 years in jail. Don’t chance it if you’re been accused. Call an experienced lawyer to help you with your case.

Violent Crime
Violent crime charges can cover anything from making a credible threat to obstructing police officers to unlawful possession of a weapon. These crimes are often harshly prosecuted and can result in life-changing punishments. A criminal defense lawyer can help protect your rights and advise you throughout the case.

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