NCDD Continues to Further "Justice Through Knowledge" with Summer Session 2015

The National College of DUI Defense (NCDD) was established in 1995 with the motto of “Justice through Knowledge”. Particularly in the DUI practice area—which has only become more and more science-based—knowledge is key.

One of the ways that the NCDD endeavors to further the knowledge of its membership is through educational opportunities, including its annual Summer Session conducted at the Harvard Law School. This year marked the NCDD’s 20th Summer Session. Attorney John E. Cutler has been a member of the NCDD since 2008 and was finally able to attend the event this year.

This year's session included instruction on breathalyzer instruments, a look into how blood tests are performed, and what to look for in proper blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test protocol. Additionally, there were trial tips such as how to cross examine police officers, conduct jury selection, and general communication tips for courtroom navigation.

These sessions were taught by some of the most premier DUI attorneys from across the country, including, Lawrence Taylor of California, John Kirk of Alabama, Mimi Coffey of Texas, James Nesci of Arizona and others. In breakout sessions, Attorney John E. Cutler, was able to practice his skills and receive critiques from some of the top dui attorneys in the country including - Steve Oberman of Tennessee, Eric Sills of New York, Bell Island from Nebraska, Victor Carmody, Jr of Mississippi, and David Katz from Florida.

Our firm congratulates Attorney John E. Cutler for his first graduation from the NCDD Summer Session. His attendance is just another testament to his dedication to the DUI practice area and we are certain that he will promptly be applying new, invaluable insight to the benefit of our DUI clients.

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