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Former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Brings Experience to Your Case

Attorney John E. Cutler, has more than 25 years of experience in criminal law. As a former deputy prosecutor turned defense attorney, Mr. Cutler is prepared and uniquely qualified to take on any case of any size or complexity. An Idaho Falls criminal defense attorney from our team can tackle cases head-on by creating a strategy to defend the client's rights, freedoms, and interests.

If you have been arrested, do not make the mistake of assuming your case may be too challenging to fight. Our firm can handle misdemeanors and felonies of all kinds. Our lead criminal defense lawyer is licensed to practice in all levels of courts in Idaho, meaning the Cutler Law Office, P.A. can handle cases involving both state and federal charges, and trials and appeals. Take a moment to learn more about our firm's practice areas and how we can specifically help you if you are facing potential criminal penalties.

Practice Areas: How We Can Defend You

Assault & Battery
Assault and battery are two of the most common forms of violent crimes. Although they are often referred to as the same offense, assault and battery are actually two different types of crimes that carry different penalties. If you were arrested for either assault or battery, you will need a solid defense.

Domestic Battery
When you have been accused of committing a violent act against a family member, you could be facing domestic violence charges. Domestic battery charges can lead to significant penalties in Idaho Falls, so retaining an attorney to defend your rights will be crucial.

Drug Crimes
Many types of offenses can be categorized as drug crimes. From simple possession of a small amount of marijuana to major offenses such as the trafficking of cocaine or methamphetamine, a drug crime can be prosecuted aggressively in Idaho.

Driving Under the Influence
Prosecutors and law enforcement officers have both cracked down on offenses involving driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and or drugs. As a result, DUI offenses are serious cases that could lead to harsh penalties even for first-time offenders. To protect your freedoms after an arrest, speak with a lawyer from our firm.

Theft Crimes
Crimes involving the theft of property can be met with serious penalties. Property can include money and credit cards as well as possessions inside of a home, a car, or private information, such as personal identification information.

Traffic Offenses
If you were issued a traffic ticket, you have the right to fight the ticket. Many drivers are tempted to simply pay the fine and hope that the situation will go away. Unfortunately, many traffic offenses can result in increased insurance premiums, which could end up costing you a lot more than just one-time fine.

Violent Crimes
Some of the most aggressively prosecuted crimes in the criminal justice system, violent crime allegations must be dealt with head-on by a skilled and efficient defense lawyer. Do not put your rights and freedoms in jeopardy another minute! No matter how daunting your case may seem, an attorney can defend you.

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