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If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, who better to defend you than a former deputy prosecutor? Attorney John E. Cutler has seen how our criminal justice system treats the accused, and knows all the ways federal prosecutors may try to get you to plead guilty—even if you have grounds to fight your charges. If you’ve been wrongfully accused or loaded down with charges you didn’t deserve, come see our team for help.

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Why Was I Charged by the Federal Government?

Idaho is full of opportunities to enjoy yourself outdoors. With national parks, national monuments, and national forests all around Idaho Falls, our residents and visitors have many choices for hiking, fishing, four-wheeling, camping, and more. However, all of these areas are federal land—meaning that any illegal actions in these places are federal crimes. If you’re caught speeding, feeding wildlife, or consuming alcohol in prohibited areas, you may face both federal and state charges.

Not all park rangers and Forest Service employees can give you a ticket, but if they find you breaking the law, they can refer you for one, or detain you until a law enforcement ranger arrives. If you try to argue against them or escape, they may find more charges to stick you with. Any tickets issued by park rangers will be tried in federal court.

Some common crimes committed on federal land include:

  • Speeding
  • Use of marijuana or other drugs
  • Use of off-road vehicles in restricted areas
  • Flying drones in national parks
  • Letting dogs off-leash while in national parks, monuments, or recreation areas
  • Taking artifacts (rocks, plants, fossils, antlers, etc.) from national parks

Even if something is legal in the state, if it is illegal federally, you can be prosecuted if caught on federal land.

Other Federal Offenses

Aside from its jurisdiction over any taxpayer-owned lands, the federal government also investigates and may prosecute crimes that are specifically prohibited nationwide. They also have sole jurisdiction over crimes that take place in one or more states, even if the defendant is only operating out of one place. These charges often include:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Cybercrimes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Tax fraud
  • Immigration or customs violations
  • Organized crimes
  • Espionage and treason

In instances where state and federal law overlap, such as cases of murder, robbery, or drug possession, the federal government may claim sovereignty and assign their law enforcement officers to the case.

Can State and Federal Courts Charge Me for the Same Crime?

In a word, yes. Though the US has rules against double jeopardy, because state and federal codes are separate (though they may cover the same subjects), you can be charged twice for an offense that breaks both. If statues differ between the state and federal level, you may need to put together two separate defenses to address the particulars of each charge. Our criminal defense attorney can appear in both state and federal courts, and is admitted to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals should you need to elevate your case to a higher level.

Is Kidnapping a Federal Crime?

Kidnapping can be a federal crime if the defendant is alleged to have crossed international lines or state lines. Usually, kidnapping is charged at the state level though.

What's the Difference Between a State Felony and a Federal Felony?

The difference between a state felony and a federal felony is that federal felonies are more serious than offenses charged by the state courts. The penalties associated with federal crimes are often much worse than someone receiving punishment from state courts.

A Strong Criminal Defense Lawyer on Your Side

Federal crimes can result in serious punishments, such as time in federal prison, and they may be harder to fight. A good attorney can help you understand the charges brought against you and make sure you don’t miss any deadlines to respond. Cutler Law Office, P.A. fiercely advocates for you in federal court. Our experienced criminal defense attorney is here for you in tough times. Give yourself a better chance in federal court by contacting us today.

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